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Give us an opportunity, we will form it.

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Kitchen worktops

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About us

The reason we established our company is love for the innovative GRC concrete. We are still looking for new ways to use it in architecture, inside and outside decoration, and with some other daily items. C4Y manufacture is made by professional madcaps who take each order as a new, amazing experience. Each of our items is handmade, which lets us expose what is the best in GRE concrete. Its simplicity, rawness, beauty.

We are at your service to help find the best-fitted product from the offer. If you want something more we can also create some unique with you. Thanks to our customers, who are our best inspiration and motivation we are still learning and searching for new applications for a GRC concrete.

Our company is located in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Poland, but we are still open to cooperation with private customers and companies worldwide.

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Produkty GRC


In our offer, we have concrete wall plates, garden pots, kitchen worktops, and other small architecture items. We are also able to design and produce custom products. As we say:

„Concrete - give us an opportunity, we will form it.”

Start your day with a bit of rawness.

Concrete kitchen worktops