We use only high-quality GRC concrete (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). It is a special mixture of quartz sand, cement, water, special chemical additives, pigment with fiberglass reinforcement. We are members of the GRCA Association, which helps us to keep the high quality of material we use.


Working with GRC concrete we have almost unlimited possibilities of forming. We can pour it out or gush it – what is the best for wanted shapes. We can also use a custom pigment to meet a customer’s need.

GRC concrete is a very strong and permanent material. It gives many options. Comparing with traditional concrete, the GRC can be much thinner, so also lighter, but still twice stronger. We can create a form that seems to be massive with keeping its weight relatively low. We keep checking our material and ready products in special lab tests that we can confirm with special quality certificates.

We impregnate our products which makes them waterproof. In the case of contact with water, it stays on the surface so you can easily remove it if necessary